Check the Authenticity of your SM Engine Parts!

1. Deep View, Lense Effect

The background a lens effect is incorporated. Bright beams of light appear to converge on, and diverge from, a virtual point beneath the surface of a design. When viewed using a bright lamp, the beams of light can be seen as spectra of colors. The effect is visible over an extremely wide range of viewing angles.

2. Colorful Text

The text "SM GERMANY PRECISION-PARTS" and the contour of the map of the world appear bright and colorful under an extremely wide range of viewing angles.

3. Dynamic Matte

In the lower rectangular area various shades of grey can be seen in the central viewing position. When the sample is tilted left and right, that is, about the vertical axis, the shades of grey are seen to vary and the fitting of the rectangle appears to change dramatically.

4. Latent ConTrust

This effect is superposed over area of the lens effect in a second independent plane. When the TRUSTSEAL® design is tilted strongly forward, the text "SM MOTORENTEILE" appears bright against a dark background.

When the TRUSTSEAL® in the oblique position is rotated by 90°, the contrast will flip; the background now appears bright while the text "SM MOTORENTEILE" is dark.

5. Diffractive Control Nr.

The three-digit control number appears dark in contrast in nearly all viewing positions. By tilting the TRUSTSEAL® security device about the horizontal axis and viewing the sample at an oblique angle, the design element appears in a bright blue-green color.


6. Numbering

Sequential numbering in 1c print

Security features of the new label

1. Diffractive Gold

The Golden Mirror is integrated as a background in the upper left part. Under normal viewing, the background appears golden. However, if the label is tilted sharply over the horizontal axis, the background will glow magenta.

2. Lens effect

A lens flare is visible in the water surface of the globe from most viewing angles. Starting from the center, bright rays of light appear to circle the design element.

3. Latent ConTrust

The overall design appears from a normal viewing angle. The latent effect of the 90° contrast change extends over a defined part of the label in a second, independent level. When the security element is sharply tilted and viewed at a shallow angle, the word "PRECISION PARTS" appears light against a dark background over a defined portion of the logo. With a 90° rotation in the tilted position, the contrast changes, then the background appears light compared to the dark word "PRECISION PARTS".

4. Static frosted

The logo lettering "SM" appears bright and colorless (matt) from practically all viewing angles.

5. Color effect

A bright, glowing color effect is integrated into the contours of the land areas of the globe, the contour of the lettering "SM" and the filling of the text "GERMANY PRECISION PARTS". Tilting the label left to right as well as front and back reveals these elements in rainbow colors.

6. Diffractive black

The diffractive black is integrated in the background in the lower area of ​​the label. Under normal viewing, the background appears dark. However, if the label is tilted sharply over the horizontal axis, the background will glow a blue-green color.

7. SM-specific spotlight

When the label is tilted around the vertical or horizontal axis, the letters "SM" move continuously in different directions on the light background in the center area of ​​the label. A bright point light source increases the visibility of the letters. The spotlight appears achromatic.